"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." -Maya Angelou

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Writer's Block? Or lack of talent...

Sometimes the words, other times the ideas, seemingly never both.

Friday, August 14, 2009


A thousand pure and shimmering moments,
I wished and prayed would never end, coiled
Tightly around a feeling, a place, an idea,
I longed for infinity in those instants.

Dangling from the cool zephyrs, breezily
Sweeping me, through life, whether
Tethered to a coaster spinning hard and quick,
Or soaring in the powdery mountain white

I hoped to lock into those instances
Of impenetrable joy, But—

Most notable, I believe, are the moments
Spent with all the wrong someones,
For you see, (and you must see)
Time could not possibly stand still for them and me.

Forever is far too long and too short
To spend with the nobodies and the mistakes.
Perhaps once you reach me,
The everlasting rhythm will finally halt

Or maybe we are temporarily static,
Paying our dues for limitless bliss to come.