"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." -Maya Angelou

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why I Can't See the Green in Your Eyes

There he stood, a small lad then,
Brown pools of wonder and delight,
Every color mixing together,
Deep innocence glowing, brightest light.

The boy gives brown new life,
Making it beautiful as never before.
Thick long lashes act as shields,
Preserving his youth evermore.

Adolescence reigns in then,
Like storm clouds on the prowl.
Ominous skies, oracles of turmoil,
Threatening the warmth now, thick and fowl.

Here he stands, now six feet tall,
Emerald creases of experience appear,
Cracking lightening crawls, etching
Green wiry wrinkles, subtly severe.

Spider webs of angst now grow,
And green pokes selfishly through,
Highlighting the freshest of scars,
Defeating every other hew.

The focus and strain of all those years
Shows in the new and murky brown.
That green of knowledge and of smarts,
A wealth of all that innocence gone.

The girl makes all that disappear,
The streaks dissolve, evaporate.
Once again the ageless pools
Erase traces of the fall from grace.

A catalyst making the colors vibrate,
Bubbling up and harmonizing anew.
The doe eyes resurfacing now
The green no longer seeping through.

To her the green is invisible now
As the boy who believed in love appears.
Wisdom covers anguish, with
Smiles replacing all the tears.

So expressive, they smirk, these
Eyes, that slight lip curl
Brightens and softens those globes,
Those maps to the heart's whole world.

The boy gives brown new life,
Making it beautiful as never before.
Thick long lashes act as shields
Preserving his youth evermore.

Agitation still brings out the green,
And boy to man must often roam,
But when he lets her be that spark,
The storms calm and in her he's home.

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