"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." -Maya Angelou

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just Ask June

There’s no reason I shouldn’t be mad as hell,
Screaming at the gods or brewing a spell,
There’s no reason I shouldn’t shake my fists,
Drowning in endless planning and lists.

There’s no reason I shouldn’t curse the Earth,
Shouting profanities, for what they’re worth,
There’s no reason I shouldn’t just let go,
Let chance take me places I cannot yet know.

There’s no reason I shouldn’t cry every night,
Aching in agony, writhing in spite,
There’s no reason I shouldn’t just give in,
Allowing these burdens the hard earned win.

But I won’t ever let these things be so,
Or turn my back on what I surely know,
That you are the reason I’ll suffer it all
No matter how fast or how often I fall.

Instead I say let’s dive right in, head first,
Together I know we can conquer the worst
Of the hardships in life or the problems we’ll face,
Our epic love spans through time and through space.

So ignore them, those who told you to pause,
Keep the dream alive, believe in the cause,
The brevity of life should keep us going,
Not stopping for anything, always knowing

That the message is clear and has been all along
In all of our poems and in every song,
Our time is our own, so I say make haste and
Sing out: Let’s go, time’s a wastin’!

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